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«Gazprom oil» will master new retinue
"Gazprom" was voiced in favour of development of extraction of slate oil. Its affiliated "Gazprom oil" will be engaged in active development of stocks bazhenovskoj retinues on Verhne — the Salymsky deposit. Slate gas thus continues to consider

"Gazprom" irrelevant for Russia.

The Dollar was, is and will be the basic reserve world currency Dollar — bad currency. However all the others are even worse. In the market great economist John Keynes compared a choice of actions to a beauty contest, which purpose — to find not easier most beautiful girl, but also such which will be pleasant.

Joint venture "Solersa" and Japanese Mazda has started assemblage of cars in Russia.
Far East joint venture "Solersa" and Japanese Mazda has started assemblage of cars. Manufacture has begun with Mazda CX crossover — 5, since spring of next year Mazda 6 will be issued too.

The German investigation considers that the financial help of EU to Cyprus is favourable first of all to Russians
Federal intelligence service of Germany (BND) has pronounced to Cyprus an unfavourable sentence: country support by the European union will be favourable to the Russian oligarchs…

New leader of the Duma fraction " an United Russia " Vladimir Putin has chosen personally
Were zamglavy the Ministry of Internal Affairs the general — colonel Vladimir Vasilev will supervise over fraction " an United Russia " instead of become and. An island of the governor of Moscow Region Andrey Vorobeva.

"Open government" searches to itself popularity in socially — engineering innovations
For Session of the governmental commission on activity coordination " the Open government " under the chairmanship of Dmitry Medvedev ascertained the low popularity of the project connected with public passivity, disbelief and indifference.

Moscow does not take Washington a word
Russia and the USA it is required ten years to agree on nuclear disarmament. 2 such conclusion experts of American fund Global Zero («the World W/ O the nuclear weapon») in the report on upgrade of nuclear strategy of the USA have come.

USA will discuss cancellation of the amendment of Jackson-Venika

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